Pair of polymer clay earrings.  There is a small stud and a larger handing flower shape.  Both have a white clay background with concentric rings and dots of deep red and lavender.  Mid-century modern vibe is strong!

Eleven Great Reasons to Buy More Earrings

To Buy or Not To Buy?  

Some of us don’t need REASONS to buy more earrings- we just indulge!  For the rest, here are some great ways to explain to yourself and everyone else that you really needed your new earrings!

1.  None of my earrings are right with my new outfit.

Well, this makes total sense.  A new outfit may be perfect with earrings you already own.  But if that happiness isn’t happening- you totally need a new pair!  You can’t ruin that new outfit with less than perfect earrings!

2.  I want to support small businesses.

Gosh, aren’t you a darling!  Many small business owners are very eco-conscious, and not at all shy about aligning their businesses with their values.  You can totally feel great about supporting a small business that minimizes waste, uses recycled material, and whose values align with yours!

A colorful selection of resin earrings and gauges

3.  It’s my birthday

Happy, happy birthday-  and a prosperous, safe and healthy year too.  Celebrate!  Enjoy to the Max! It’s absolutely OK to buy yourself birthday presents!!

4.  I want to support independent artists

Independent artists really really appreciate your support.  We are mostly design and color driven perfectionists who work hard to make great quality jewelry for you.  We put our hearts and souls into the jewelry we make- and it shows!

5.  It’s my self-care

Gosh, do I understand this!  Sometimes when you’re down, a new trinket to beautify your already beautiful self is a real mood-lifter.  And when you’re feeling up, you get to celebrate your joy and happiness.

6.  I’m buying a pair for a friend, so I’ll get myself a pair too

I know you have great taste- but why should only your friends benefit from this?  And if it’s for one of your BFFs, consider matching or coordinating earrings-  or maybe swap pairs so you each wear one of each!  The possibilities are endless!

7.  They’re too beautiful NOT to buy

Gotcha.  Sometimes an item just calls out to you- and if you don’t buy it then,  you are forever having to ask your self:  I wonder if I could find another pair like those? Why didn’t I just plunk down the cash right then?

A pair of dangle earrings, each with two circles.  The top is cherry red resin with microglitter, and the bottom a soft cherry blossom pink with microglitter.  Gorgeous! A pair of earrings, small stud with a dangle flower.  Design is a mid-century modern with white polymer clay background, lavender and deep red concentric circles.  Really pretty!!

8.  I know the artist and they need my support

How adorable of you!  Struggling artists are a real thing- almost every successful small artist business started out struggling.  If you can help your artist friend through this awkward stage, you are one of the nicest people I know!

9.  I just LOVE them

Yup, unrequited earring love is no fun.  Just run with it!  You love them, they’ll undoubtedly love you- it’s a beautiful relationship in the making!

10.  I don’t have anything like this pair

What, a style gap in your earring collection?  You definitely need a well-rounded earring collection! By all means, fill that style gap as speedily as possible.  You’ll probably find out next weekend when you are dressing to go out that this pair is exactly, precisely what you need!!

11.  I can’t help myself

Sometimes resistance is futile.  I mean, just how hard can you push back against that inexorable feeling of earring lust?  Or really, how much do you really want to push back?  Not at all?  Me neither!  Let’s go!!

So there you are!  A ready-made list of awesome reasons (ok, sometimes excuses) to buy that next pair of earring.  Enjoy!! 

PS.  In case you're wondering, has a fabulous selection of resin and polymer clay earrings, each handmade with care and love.  Visit us!

Bonus reason:

You're getting married and want great coordinating gifts for your bridesmaids! Here you see a set of coordinating, similar color but all slightly different earrings- and a picture of them all bagged up ready to go in Bachelorette Swag Bags!

10 pairs of Bridesmaids earrings, similar colors but all different

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