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FREE Color Mixing Tutorial for Autumn Sage

Autumn Sage  is mixed using four colors of Sculpey Souffle clay:

  • Canary
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Black (Souffle or Premo)
  • White (Souffle or Premo)
Color Recipe Card for Autumn Sage

Step 1:  Condition your clay well.

Step 2:  Roll clay out on the thickest setting of your pasta machine (or with an acrylic roller, placing the clay between two stacks of 5 playing cards each).

Step 3:  Cut out one inch (2.5cm) squares from each.  You will use 2 squares of White, one half  (1/2)  square of Robin’s Egg Blue, one quarter  (1/4) square of Canary, and one eighth square (⅛) of black.  .

For the one-eighth (⅛) square, cut a one inch square into four even parts using a vertical and a horizontal slice through the middle of the square.  Cut one of these four pieces in half, and you have one-eighth ()of a square.

Mixing Diagram for Autumn Sage

Step 4:  Roll these five pieces together with your hands:  2 squares of Igloo or White, 1 square of Cornflower Blue, ½ square of Canary and 4 squares of Poppy Seed  or  Black. 

Continue rolling these together, back and forth between your hands.  You are done when you can no longer see any discrete White, Yellow, Cornflower Blue or Black- the colors are completely mixed together into a new color, Autumn Sage!

Congratulations!  You’ve made a fabulous color!!  Now go do something awesome with it.  And then show everyone!  Tag it on instagram @claycolorrecipes!

Note:  I’ve measured the colors of these clays with an electronic colorimeter and include the color hexcode for reference.  Depending on where you are viewing (phone, tablet, laptop) etc, and how your screen color is calibrated, what you are seeing may not be precisely  the color of the clay you mix, but it should be very close!

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If you have any questions about this recipe, I’m happy to help!  Contact me with a DM on Instagram, @claycolorrecipes, through Etsy (ClayColorRecipes) or at hello@ClayColorRecipes.com!!  


Your interest is very much appreciated!!  New Colors and palettes are posted weekly in our Etsy shop, so check back often!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClayColorRecipes?ref=shop_sugg

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