Googie Architecture

Googie Architecture

Did you read that right?  It’s googie with an “I”, not google with an “L”.  I first encountered this word a few days ago, and am so happy to have found it!

Art Deco design is wonderful, right?  Both the Chrysler Building in NYC and Senor Frog's restaurant in Miami's South Beach are classic examples.

Top of the Chrysler Building in NYC

Senor Frog's in Miami's South Beach


Streamline Moderne is a design style that grew out of Art Deco in the 1930’s.  It was all about long horizontal movement and curving lines.  It’s sleek, aerodynamic lines were Art Deco minus the details, stripped down to fundamentals.  

Streamline Moderne Office Building

House designed in StreamLine Moderne Style


Googie style grew up with Streamline Moderne in Los Angeles.  The name is from a now-demolished Googie’s Coffee Shop in Hollywood. 

Drawing of original Googie's coffee shop in LA

The French called Googie “Ocean Liner Style”.

Ocean liner in googie style

Here are some other examples of Googie-style architecture.  Note that the original McDonald's was a great example of Googie!!

Tucson Inn in the Googie Style

The original McDonald's in Googie style

Southgate Shopping Center with Googie style

Googie:  Think optimism and the atomic age, flying saucers and romantic ideas of a Space Age future.  These are eye-catching buildings, designed to attract, no, demand, attention.  Picture starbursts, atoms, boomerangs and bright colors.  Picture cantilevered swooping or angled roofs.

Googie eventually became part of the very popular Mid-Century Modern design movement. It is a happy, optimistic and naive style showcasing part of the American Dream.

Further reading:,style%20it%20inspired%20lives%20on.

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Twelve Houses upholds love, kindness, joy and delight. In a stressful and often negative world, we believe that making and viewing art makes lives richer and better.

Twelve Houses holds respect, authenticity and helping one another to be of highest importance. Without regard for skin color, nationality, religion, sexuality or any other characteristic.

Twelve Houses believes that reconnecting adults to the playful spontaneous times and carefree feelings from childhood enhances the ability to navigate with and thrive in our complex often difficult world.

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