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Spice Market Polymer Clay Color Palette Tutorial

Spice Market Polymer Clay Color Palette Tutorial

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Unlock the tantilizing secrets of color mixing with our Spice Market polymer clay tutorial!  Awaken your senses to the warmth of Turmeric and Paprika, while vibrant Green Peppercorns add a touch of freshness.  The warm hues of Clove and Saffron wear their enchanting spell, and Nutmeg adds a sprinkle of earthy allure.  This captivating collection invites you on a mental journey to the exotic charm of a bustling spice bazaar.

This tutorial includes detailed step-by-step instructions for mixing these colors.  There are excellent explanatory graphics and photos.  Your success is assured!!  Requires only 4 colors of Sculpy Souffle and one color of Sculpey Premo!!

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