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Spring Greens Polymer Clay Color Palette Tutorial

Spring Greens Polymer Clay Color Palette Tutorial

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Spring Greens is a delicate and tender palette inspired by the early days of the season. The gentle greens of Young Bamboo and Tender Sage evoke the first sprouts of the year, while the earthy hues of Springtime Moss and Baby Fern hint at new growth yet to come. The palette is rounded out by the soft, muted tones of Sprout Green and Pale Willow, bringing a sense of tranquility and renewal.

Our detailed instructions provide step-by-step guidance on how to mix each stunning shade. With clear photographs and mixing diagrams, you'll find it easy to follow along and achieve beautiful results. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out - we're always here to help! Say goodbye to frustrating color-mixing sessions and hello to a world of endless creativity. Upgrade your polymer clay game with our expert color palette today!

Mix these colors using only 5 shades of Sculpy Souffle: Igloo, Canary, Robin's Egg Blue, Cowboy and Poppy Seed. It's OK to use Sculpey Premo White and Black in place of Igloo and Poppy Seed- it won't affect the color outcome.  

For more great color information, and a free color recipe or two, visit Clay Color Recipes blog at

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