Spring Lilac: FREE Polymer Clay Mixing Recipe

Spring Lilac: FREE Polymer Clay Mixing Recipe

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Each spring I wait eagerly for the lilacs in our yard to bloom.  They are so pretty, and that heavenly fragrance!!  I made this polymer clay color recipe so I could enjoy the lovely lilac color year-round!

This clay color recipe uses Sculpey Souffle Cherry Pie, Sculpey Souffle Robin’s Egg, and Sculpey Souffle Igloo. It’s fine to substitute Sculpey Premo White for Igloo.

Spring lilac recipe card, showing specific clays and proportions to use

Prep your clay

Condition it on the thickest setting of your pasta machine- or equivalent thickness rolled out with an acrylic roller.  Five regular playing cards will make about the same thickness as the thickest setting on a pasta machine.  It is essential that each color is rolled to the same thickness.

Basic Mixing Instructions

The basic mixing unit is a 1” square.  (If you prefer metric measurements, use 2.5 cm squares.)  Use a sturdy ruler with a utility knife or tissue blade.  Carefully cut two 1” squares from Souffle Igloo and two 1” squares from Souffle Robin’s Egg. 

The amount of Souffle Cherry Pie is a bit trickier. It’s a very strong color, so it only takes a tiny amount of clay!   

Cutting a One-eighth Square

You want to end up with one-eighth of a  1” square.  The easiest way to cut this accurately is to cut a 1” square into 4 equal pieces by cutting from the middle of the top to the middle of the bottom, then cutting from the middle of the left side to the middle of the right side.  

This should give you 4 equal smaller squares, each about ½” (12mm) square.   Each square is one-quarter of the original 1” square.  Cut one of these smaller squares into two equal halves.  This gives you two smaller rectangles.  Each one is one-eighth of the original square.  

Graphic showing exact proportions of Sculpey Souffle Igloo, Robin's Egg and Cherry Pie to use

And the Actual Mixing!

Mix two 1” squares of Souffle Igloo, two 1” squares of Souffle Robin’s Egg, and one little one-eighth rectangle of Cherry Pie together, and you will have lovely Spring Lilac!

Color drawing of a lilac flower


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I'm here for you!

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